Sunday, April 7, 2013

QUICK and DIRTY: cheap DIY flash gel for canon speedlite 430EXII from plastic bottle

I recently had to improvise a cooling gel for my canon flash on location and a blue plastic bottle came in handy. I found out that these handmade gels are pretty durable and you can get various color variations from different soft drinks. I made a short video to show you how I cut the gel to fit the flash. Below you can see a portrait in which I used this very gel for the backlight.

BTS: Umbrella left speedlite; backlight right flash with selfmade "cool" gel; both on manual, radio triggered. camera: f/7.1, 0.3s, 70mm, ISO 800; shot outside. Flash on shutter opening, then moved the camera upwards to the dark evening sky to achieve the blurry-blue bleeding in the frame, thus the slow shutter.

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