Monday, November 16, 2015

Side by Side Comparison AVCHD versus XAVC S on Sony RX100 III

This is just a quick side by side comparison of the two file formats of Sonys RX100 III. This is not serious test, I just tried the different formats on a quick walk to check if there is a big difference. On first sight I would say XAVC gives better details and bit more dynamic range. This also results in a bigger filesize for XAVC clips. Both Scenes are shot at 1/50 f8 ISO 400 at 50p (28M for AVCHD, 50M for XAVCS). The difference is noticable especially on the ground, comparing the sticks. At about 00:30 in the video there is a digital zoom to 200%. The sides switch at about 00:45.

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